Our Projects

Our Projects

General presentation

Number of residents: 3000
Number of daily workers: 4000

Nigeria, River State

One of the major companies operating in the Logistics for the Oil & Gas industry in the country, after undergoing several problems, enquired NGS for a solution to deal with the security management and the crisis management.
The main tasks were related to illegal intrusions in the property, sometimes culminating in acts of vandalism and theft of valuable goods, and the management of counter-terrorism and kidnapping measures.
NGS has carried out a risk assessment and a mitigation plan that includes:

  • CCTV Surveillance System
  • Access Control System
  • Perimeter Protection System
  • Wall and Pipe Detection System
  • Entry System
  • Networking System
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Vehicles and Employees Tracking System
  • Control Room

The area includes a Camp for expatriates, an area of road connections between the zones and a industrial port.

The Challenge

NGS International has approached the project by connecting it to the best products and suppliers on the worldwide market, especially in what is currently the must of our company: the integration.
The complexity and the figures related to the square kilometres, the number of residents and the type of desired technologies, have required the diligent work of expatriate project managers, specialised in the different technological areas, coming from various countries in the world, besides the management of specially trained local staff.

The solution

After about 12 months of work NGS International has installed:
No. km fiber optic: 120
No. video cameras: 350
No. km of protected perimeter with Electro Fence: 18
No. km of wall detection system: 15 km with 1400 sensors
Accesses with Gates, Barriers, Road Blockers, Bollards: 30
No. access controlled points: 400
Fire Alarm, number of devices: 8000
Tracking system: 500 vehicles and 150 executives
“The entire system allows a circular security management, each part acting to stop potential trespassers or aggressors, to date I do not know any other private business with such a complete system, that allows to obtain this kind of result.”
MA Client Security Manager

“The potential aggressor notices that the area is evidently protected and that all movements are monitored. Regarding our customers, it shows that we care about their business and that we do everything possible to protect their assets.”
Client MD

“Working constantly in the Control Room, thanks to the work of NGS, I can guarantee the final result of my activities: widespread, uniform controls of all the safety and security systems, whether of vehicles, persons or assets.”
Client Security Supervisor

“After examining many security systems, we came to the conclusion that NGS offers a very strong brand and really excellent products. The system installed in the port area provides high-quality systems which prove to be extremely reliable with excellent operational capabilities. In addition, due to the compatibility between the various systems, it is easy to maintain, thanks mainly to the training held by the NGS specialists.”
Chief Port Security Officer